Mutual Financial Services Limited

We offer a range of services to assist our clients with their own unique insurance needs. In addition to a full range of insurance products, we can also assist with your mortgage and other finance requirements. We have access to the best products and product providers in Australasia and internationally

Mutual Financial Services premises are based in  Rosedale – Albany area of Auckland’s North Shore. We have advisers and support staff to accommodate a
continued increase in business.  We are also affiliated with Newpark who has close to 400 Advisers nationwide associated with them.

A Good Broker is the best insurance your clients can have is the founding principle of Newpark

About Herman Roodt

Herman Roodt from Mutual Financial Services has been providing a variety of financial services to families and businesses in both South Africa (from1983) and since 1998 in New Zealand

After arriving in New Zealand during September 1998, Herman continued his career in the insurance industry. First with the Guardian, and since February 1999 as an Independent Broker in Auckland, as the need to provide a more comprehensive service to his clients necessitated this.

Herman originates from Tzaneen, South Africa, where he was involved in the banking industry as well as involved in viability studies of agricultural projects for the likes of the Development Bank of SA, and thereafter in the insurance industry with Old Mutual for close on 10 years. He was also production manager for many years.

Herman is experienced in the following fields:

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Short Term insurance (Fire & General Insurance – domestic as well as commercial)
  • Health Insurance
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Arranging up of Wills & Trusts
  • Kiwi Saver
  • Funeral Services
  • Travel Insurance

He has since extended this New Zealand wide. As Herman’s network is quite extensive, he can also assist with various non-insurance related activities.

Herman can now offer life insurance to people still in their country of origin on their way to New Zealand. This will give them the opportunity to replace their existing insurance before surrendering / cancelling theirs in their country of origin. This way they never need to be without cover!! (Certain criteria applies)

As mortality rates are much lower than elsewhere, the premiums for life cover in New Zealand is amongst the most affordable in the world.  The insurance industry is ever changing, so it is important to revisit everyone’s portfolios and their Wills on a regular basis.  Non–New Zealand Wills are normally not valid in New Zealand.  Herman can help them to review this as an extension of his service.

Herman also represents all the major Insurance Companies and various Fire and General (short term) insurance companies in New Zealand, and can be of assistance to advise you on your existing South African insurance policies as he is constantly in contact with his South African representatives.

Photo’s of the Roodts experiences in Auckland, New Zealand