Everyone loves a good deal.
There is nothing better than finding out ice cream is on sale, or when you’re at the cashier and
your new shirt rings up 50% off!
Of course- some deals are better left alone.
Would you go skydiving with a parachute that has a large hole- just because it was a good
Even worse; imagine not knowing the sale was due to the hole! You may not find out until it is
too late.
Did you know that the same is possible with insurance from your bank?
It often comes across as a great bargain and an easy solution.
But, this great deal could cost you everything.
As many as three quarters of all bank insurance is never looked at again, until you need to
make a claim.
A small mistake or overlooked detail could mean the difference between receiving a claim and
receiving nothing!
Insurance should set your mind at ease and not cause stress and worry!
Come meet with one of our insurance specialists to make sure that your backup plan isn’t full of
We are trained to catch the small details, the details that could make a BIG difference.
After all- you deserve insurance that’s got you covered- so you can focus on more important
things…like choosing your ice cream flavor.