Our clients can also benefit from our access to Fire & General insurance products. Our close relationship with AON enables us to provide amazing service, competitive rates, and a strong backing for the Fire & General side of our business.

House Insurance

Your home is your castle

Whether you live in a unit or a mansion, rent it out or live in it yourself, there’s a house insurance policy designed with your needs in mind. House insurance is there to protect our most valuable asset.

Contents Insurance

Make sure all your special items are covered

Contents insurance protects all your favorite “stuff”: furniture, furnishings, appliances, cash, jewelry, TVs, computers, stereos, gaming systems, books, CDs, DVDs, business tools… all those little things that fill our lives and make them complete

Car Insurance

Insurance for four wheels

Kiwis would be lost without our cars: they’re an essential part of our everyday lives. So protect your vehicle with car insurance… and if you think you won’t ever need car insurance because your car isn’t worth much, could you afford to pay for repairs to a BMW if you accidentally hit one? Car insurance is there to protect you.

Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance for two wheels

There’s nothing like the thrill of the open road on a motorcycle. So protect your bike with motorcycle insurance, whether biking is your hobby or your way of life. And if you think you won’t ever need motorcycle insurance, could you afford to pay for repairs to a Porsche if you accidentally hit one? Motorcycle insurance is there to protect you and your bike

Pleasure Craft

Do not go to sea without boat insurance

Boat insurance is available for: Motorboats, launches, powerboats, runabouts, yachts, dinghies, tender, personal watercraft, and kayaks.

  •  NZ coastal water
  • Offshore insurance.
  • Total loss of your boat.
  • Accidents and injury.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Racing cover for yachts is an optional extra.

Boat trailer cover is also an optional extra.

Make sure you get the cover that’s right for you