We are on a mission.

Do you have children?

You nurture them, teach them, love them, care for them and even tell them off.

You are doing everything you can to make sure they have the best possible life.

Maybe they get married and have kids of their own. Happiness is all we can hope for, for our children.

But parenting doesn’t stop when your child leaves home. It keeps going.

Maybe you help out by looking after their kids, by being part of cooking Christmas dinner or still by giving them advice when they most need it!

But what more doesn’t stop is wanting them to be safe.

Children don’t learn a lot about insurance in school, or about hedging the downside of life.

We find that many still only have car and contents insurance.

If they are lucky, they may have a basic bank policy that does not cover what they think it does.

They only realise it when something goes wrong. When it is too late.

If you have children and you want to make sure they are protected, I would really appreciate an introduction to have a chat.

We can either give them peace of mind if they are protected or get that cover in place so they don’t have to pick up the pieces.

Feel free to forward this on to any parents who may be in a similar position to yourself.