Life changes quickly.

Perhaps it was just a few years ago you were purchasing a new home.

While you didn’t have a lot of money, your family was just getting started and it seemed like the perfect find for your place in life.

Now a lot has changed. Your family has grown and you’ve been promoted.

Your once idyllic home is now a little crowded and outdated. You’d love to make some renovations, but have no idea how to start.

Jack and Olivia recently found themselves in a similar situation. They were ready to renovate their bathroom, and add a bedroom for their oldest daughter.

After doing a little research, they were directed to a local broker. Like most Kiwis, they were unsure how a broker could help them.

Brokers have access to many different banks and lenders. With knowledge of how the lenders work they are able to secure the best rates for mortgages.

The best part? Lenders pay the broker’s, so you don’t have to pay a penny!

After a brief conversation, Jack and Olivia found out that they could save over $50,000.00 during the life of their mortgage by choosing to refinance.

This is because a broker was able to secure a loan for them at 5.5% interest rather than the 6.0% they were paying on their old loan.

Imagine the difference $50,000.00 could make for your plans!

Is your mortgage at the lowest possible interest rate?

Could you be saving thousands by refinancing?

All it takes is a short phone call or email.

We want to find you the absolute best rate.